10 Things About Me: Interests

10, History

- I love learning about word origins

- My favourite time periods to learn about are 1400-1700 AD, and ancient history

- If I could go back in time to observe any event (but not influence it), I'd love to witness the first Athan.

9. Gardening

- My favourite flowers are peach roses

- My favourite plant are grape vines

- I'm scared to death of anything with wings and stingers

8. Travel

- The countries I've visited are Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Italy and Algeria.

- I want to visit South Korea, Maldives, New Caledonia and New Zealand.

- I would consider living in Ireland, Algeria and South Korea.

- I've been to almost every province in my own country; I would love to live in Ottawa.

7. Language - I speak English and French - I'm learning Algerian Arabic

- Throughout my life, I have been interested in Mandarin, German, Korean and ASL.

- In High School, I was in Gaelic Club.

6. Food

- My favourite type of food is Mediterranean

- My favourite meal to eat is Shawarma with rice and salad

- A food I don't eat often but love is sushi

- My favourite hot drink is French Vanilla Cappuccino

- Favourite cold drink is 7Up

5. Spare Time - Places I can be found in my spare time are cafés and near water.

- Pastimes I enjoy are calligraphy, DIY projects and painting

4. Media

- My favourite podcast is "Morbid: A True Crime Podcast" - My favourite youtuber is Dr. Grande

- The social medias I use are Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube and WhatsApp

3. My clothing style

- Modest

- "Neglected millennial mom"

- My favourite colour hijabs are blue, red, purple and black

2. Music

-Anything except Country music - I love music in other languages

1, Education

- My major in university was History; my minors were Anthropology and Sociology - I wish I studied International Relations or Translation

- Growing up, my dream job changed from Oncologist to Neurologist to Army Translator to ESL teacher, but I'm in none of those fields now.

- I wish I could've learned more about personal finance, World History, culture outside of the western world.

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