Greenhouse: 2 month update

I'm 2 months into my gardening journey, and things are finally starting to grow up! Check out the progress they've made so far.

Last month, my Japanese Wisteria had made roots along the bottom of the container, but had not yet came up through the soil. About 2 weeks ago one plant came up, followed by a second one the next day, and it just seems like they completely shot up in the days following. A few days ago they were showing signs of leaves, and this is what they've grown into today! At this rate I'll probably have to move them down on the shelf so they'll have more room to grow, and probably look into repotting them so they're not overcrowded.

My lettuce also came up a fair bit within the last month; in my last update I think they were just starting to form little leaves.

This is the Black Seeded Simpson variety; the website I bought the seeds from says that this is one of the faster-growing types of lettuce. Now, as you can see, the plants are starting to get a little bit of height and the leaves have gotten wider.

Once they get bigger I'm looking forward to making a salad with them! Share your favourite salads in the comments and I'll try them out - I'm always looking for new suggestions.

This is my Magda squash. As you can see, two more plants are in the process of coming up, so probably by next update the container will be looking a little more full. The bigger plant in the back came out first, then the two in front poked through the soil about 3 days after. They're just starting to break out of the seed and open up.

Once they're fully grown I plan to make Dolma with them - stuffing them with either rice or ground beef, then cooking them in soup. I haven't seen this type of squash in my local grocery store before - I've only had them in my husband's country, so it'll be nice to eat them again!

My artichoke and cilantro are also starting to show signs of life:

The leaves on the cilantro started to take shape about two weeks ago. They don't stand up straight; they just kind of overflow over the sides, so I'm a little confused over that. They're growing up spaced out from each other too - I had assumed they would fill out a bit and bunch up together. I guess that might be a side effect of only seeing them packaged together in the grocery stores. Individual plants are starting to branch off and form smaller leaves, so I guess I'll have to watch over the next few weeks how they progress.

As for the artichoke, the plants are coming up pretty strong and have opened up. Just 4 are visible right now, but I'm hoping more will come up within the next month.

My rare seeds haven't grown at all (except for the wisteria). I'll continue to take care of them & hopefully by next month I'll see a little progress! I feel like they'll do really well in the spring though, so if these end up failing I'll just order a new set in the new year and try again.

My flowers on the first shelf I started have mostly all died. I'm not sure if it was because of the soil, if I overwatered them or if the lights aren't strong enough. It might also be that the seeds were bad; I bought them from Walmart, unlike my rare seeds & my vegetable seeds, which were from rarexoticseeds and Vesey's. I have two containers where one plant has come through so I'll keep watering them until they grow up or die off, then I'll replace the soil and put something else in, however, I've accepted that they're pretty much written off. I guess it's a good thing that I started a second shelf - I know for sure I would've discontinued growing after getting no results from the first one.

I haven't really had any challenges as far as maintenance goes; I look forward to going down to turn the lights on and water them, and in the evenings check on their progress and turn the lights off. They're obviously safe from bugs and small animals inside, so I'm lucky that way. I'm pleased with the progress they have made in the last month, and look forward to updating you in 2021 on how they do in the next month!

Have you been growing anything indoors? Let me know how things are going!

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