Greenhouse - 4 Month Update

4 months in! And I've actually managed to keep most alive. Here's what's been happening this month:

My succulents and Monstera Deliciosa have been repotted (my Plant-Based protein container has now turned into a Plant Base hahah) . One is starting to grow white flowers near the top!

My mint has shot up quite a bit in the last month and it's starting to smell. Probably by next month I'll take it out and cook with it.

I believe the seeds coming up in the purple bucket are peppers. I kind of threw red bell pepper seeds and tomato seeds into the same place hoping something would come through. This just come up within the last month so I think it's doing really well considering it's a new addition to the shelf.

I tried to order olive tree cuttings from Turkey but they were refused at the border by inspections. I'm quite disappointed about that, but I'm hoping now that I can find one from within Canada.

The tomatoes from December are starting to get some height, and my magda squash is flowering which means it probably won't be much longer before the vegetable comes in.

I also had a bit of an accidental explosion... I put garlic and potatoes in the same bin, and it has just turned into complete chaos.. I just don't want to talk about it 😂

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