My Summer and Autumn Cleaning Routine

Ah, cleaning... I have a love-hate relationship with you. Somedays I feel motivated and prepared to tackle a weekend of "Complete Disaster" cleaning, other days I am the disaster. Over the last few months I have developed a routine to get everything done in an efficient way. Today I would like to share with you my routine, the products I use, and a few tips on staying motivated throughout the process.

Since last year I have been testing out new cleaning products, and slowly phasing out my old favourites. For wiping down surfaces I use either Method, Seventh Generation or Mrs. Meyers* (unsponsored), for windows and mirrors I use Windex*, for the bathroom I use Lysol Foaming Spray* and for the floors, the reliable Mr. Clean*. I guess you would say I'm in the middle of my eco-friendly product journey. I just haven't seemed to find Green products that work as efficiently as the traditional chemical products. I could use some suggestions - please comment your favourites below!

It usually takes me an entire morning to tackle a "Complete Disaster" cleaning, so this is a good opportunity to catch up on my podcasts, find new YouTube channels to subscribe to, or follow along with Clean With Me vlogs. I usually deep clean on Sundays, and I think having these distractions alongside the mindless activity of cleaning helps me to de-stress and prepare for the upcoming week.


I always begin with the first floor of my home, then move upstairs. I start by decluttering the living room and creating a separate pile for items that belong in a different room. Once I finish there, I'll move into the connecting playroom, taking the items that belong in that room with me, and continuing this system.

From there I'll move on to my kitchen, where I'll start a new routine. I put away the clean dishes and wash any dirty ones, then clear debris off the table, counters and chairs. I'll use my preferred spray cleaner on all surfaces, and also clean the stove and microwave. Then I vacuum and mop. From there I move into the hallway where I'll vacuum, organise the shoe racks and coat hooks. We tend to throw everything there when we first come in the house, so it gets messy pretty quickly.

Next I'll go back into the living room and connecting playroom, where I spray all surfaces, then vacuum the floors as well as under the sofa cushions. That's another abyss of broken toys, wrappers and random crumbs, it's kind of embarrassing! I vacuum and mop, and about once a month I'll steam both the rug in the living room, and the carpet runner in the hallway and on the stairs.


Upstairs is basically the same system; organise into piles, go between each room with spray cleaner, vacuum and mop. The sheets get changed weekly as well. If I have time left in the morning I'll attempt to tackle the laundry that needs to be folded, otherwise that gets left for Mondays - there's no need to overdo it and miss out on the rest of my Sunday, especially if the weather is nice!

To finish off I'll turn on my oil diffuser or light a candle in the more frequented areas. There's nothing better than walking into a freshly cleaned room; it definitely makes me feel good knowing everything is sanitized and kept in good condition.

Since this is the first year I've organised my cleaning into an efficient routine, I haven't really been able to develop one for the winter. Canadian winters are harsh and that usually means lots of road salt being tracked in on boots, snow pants and jackets. I suspect I'll be vacuuming and steaming the carpets more, so I'll have to provide an update in a few months time! As I mentioned early on, I'm looking to upgrade my cleaning products into ones that are more eco-friendly. I haven't really seen many options (for anything other than multisurface spray cleaner) in my local grocery store so I feel like I'd have to order it online. If you have products that you use regularly and find them to be reliable, please let me know! I think it's important to reduce the amount of chemicals we allow near our families while not compromising on its ability to remove stains and sanitise, especially in the age of COVID19.

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