Working Mom Daily Routine

I often say that when it comes to life, I'm "All or nothing"; meaning, I either have tons of things to do, or nothing at all. In this part of my adult life, it's without a doubt an "all" phase. Here is what life on a weekday looks like for me right now!

6:30 - Wake up, prepare breakfast for the kids, put coffee on for my husband.

6:45 - Wake everyone up, prepare school lunch + pack schoolbag.

7 - Help my daughter get changed and ready for school. She's almost 7 so she's near the point where she can be dressing herself, but she tends to need a little more direction in the mornings. It's something we're working on!

8 - My husband takes my daughter to school, so I turn on my greenhouse shelf lights, make my own breakfast and take a shower while my son watches TV.

9-11:30 - Appointments or errands, or cleaning the house/playing with my son if nothing is planned for the day.

11:30 - 12:30 - Lunchtime / playtime with my son

1 - My son goes down for a nap, I make coffee for my husband, and I usually nap or clean.

3 - My husband takes my daughter home from school, I review homework with her.

4-12 - I work from home.

- 6 - Eat dinner with the family, turn off the greenhouse lights - 8 - Kids have a bath & off to bed - 10 - Coffee break!

12 - 12:30 - Have a snack after work, catch up on social media or watch TV with my husband before sleeping. (Though honestly, sometimes it's straight to bed after my shift!)

Working from home has been a blessing because it means having more time together - I can come downstairs from my office to check on them when I need to give my eyes a break from the computer. I feel closer to them, and it confirms to me that the busyness of my schedule during the day is well worth it.

I would probably describe my schedule as "organized chaos"! It's pretty jam-packed at the moment but it works for my family's current situation. There are some days where my schedule isn't as full as what I've described above; and those are typically the days that I'll take the morning to do something for myself, like go out for coffee or take a walk. My husband is very supportive of me and always encourages me to take breaks when I need it. Somehow I like keeping my usual, busy routine.

If I could change anything about my routine, it would honestly be to just add a few more hours to my day. I'd love to be able to get everything done without sacrificing my personal free time. I do wish I was able to dedicate an entire hour to myself everyday rather than trying to compress it all into my once a week "me time" outing. I'm hopeful that as my son goes to school I can return to working during the days, shuffle around my errands and get an hour or two at the end of the day to focus on my own hobbies. It's not an urgent priority at the moment though; what I care about the most is making sure everyone's needs are met.

What does your schedule look like? Is there anything you'd like to change or prioritize? Please let me know in the comments.

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