Don't Get Overwhelmed!

Did you find yourself taking advantage of the COVID lockdowns in the early stages, and deep clean your house with ease? With little distractions, it was easy to devote time to those tasks that we all dread.

Now that the novelty of lockdown has worn off, and things start to open again, you may be asking yourself how you can keep up with the progress you made.

Here are some ways to fit cleaning and other chores back into your busy schedule, without it taking over your life.

Write it out! Separate your chores into categories, then rank them in priority. Bill payment due today? Make sure it's done first, while you're thinking about it. Hourly (if required) - Daily - Weekly - Monthly. You can also then put something off to squeeze something new&immediate in.

In my case, I'm a visual learner so I prefer to have it all neatly written and colour-coded, but this works just as well if you want to voice record it on your phone or other device.

Multitask! I don't mean literally drive yourself crazy trying to cram in as many activities as you can all at once, but do more than one thing at a time. If you need to go from one room to another, take something from the first room that belongs in the second room with you. This can help keep things in places they're meant to be, and reduce the amount of dedicated time you have to spend on decluttering a room.

Plan Your Route!

If possible, have a dedicated "out of the house" errand day - where you try to get as many things on your list completed all at once.

Arrange your day in a way that you're driving in a logical route to be time efficient - don't zigzag across your city if you can help it. This is also a great time to get in some music/podcast listening time, if your area is prone to traffic.

Personally, my commute to work is less than 5 minutes (when it's not coronatime!) and I'm close enough to all of my errands that it takes me longer to sit in my driveway and attempt to connect Bluetooth + my Music Streaming account to my car, than it is to get everything done! (Well, except for maybe buying groceries. That feels like an eternity on its own)

Reward and Motivate Yourself!

Whether it's by stuffing your face with ice cream at the end of a long day, lighting candles or blasting music and air guitaring with your broom, you should make your work enjoyable! Try to change your outlook on chores/errands. Use it as a secondary "me time".

I hope this might have helped just a bit. Also, don't forget it's okay to put things aside to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. If you are feeling pressured by life, don't beat yourself up or feel anxious should you need to reduce productivity. Prioritize yourself first overall, then go from there.

Please share your favourite tips below!

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