My Dream Homestead

Since starting my gardening journey I've been bingewatching so many homesteading Youtube channels, both locally and internationally. I've really found myself interested in throwing myself into this hobby full time and making a potential side-hustle out of it. Whether this is something I could actually do, or if it is just a dream, it has been fun researching properties and planning out how I'd want my homestead to look. Here are a few things I've come up with.

Ideally my homestead would be facing water (preferably the ocean), with a man road in between the coastline and my property. Alternatively, a little lake behind my property might be nice as well! I would want for it to be within 20 minutes driving time of the downtown area of my city, because that's where everything I need is located.

I would want a private road that I'd name after my last name. I'd plant some fruit bushes along the road leading up to the main property - blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc. The space in front of my house would be completely for entertainment - a play area for the kids, a firepit and a brick oven. Along the foundation of the house I'd grow herbal tea plants.

The house itself would be one level, bungalow style with beige siding, and a medium sized deck on the front to hold a barbeque and table/chair set. The inside would be decorated with a modern yet cosy them, and have lots of new technology in it.

The backyard would preferably be 5-7 acres starting out, though I might like to have several acres of undeveloped land to clear as the homestead expands. It would be divided into three spaces: equipment storage/garage, vegetable and fruit garden, and livestock.

The equipment area is self explanatory; anything I'd need for daily care of my space.

The vegetable space would be composed of both raised beds and in-ground plots. I'd like enough space to walk through each plot, and have arches over the walkways to grow grapes, figs, and other vine plants (drawing inspiration from Roots&Refuge on Youtube!) I'd grow everything my family likes to eat, and potentially have a space to grow popular-selling international vegetables to cater to the international students of the area.

My livestock would be chickens, turkeys, geese, sheep and goats. We would keep some as companions, but also breed and sell the meat. My family, and the faith community we belong to, is currently underserved in my area. Our meat has to be slaughtered in a particular way, and there are no specialized butchers in our area. We have to order our meat from 5 hours away, which is so inconvenient and not very safe, either. This would help to fill the need for this type of meat locally.

Are you a homesteader? How is your property organized? What ideas or tips would you offer?

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