I Went to a Farmer's Market!

This weekend I found myself out of several grocery items, so I decided to buy locally! My house is less than 5 minutes away from our weekly Farmers Market, so I thought I would check it out.

This was my first time in the new location; a former bar in the centre of downtown (hence the ID warning in the corner). The market is divided into two halves, one side for the product booths and the other for hot meals/eating area. Right now there are some Coronavirus precautions similar to what is in a grocery store: following arrows to keep traffic moving in the same direction, keeping 2 metres away and of course wear masks.

Here is what I brought home today! Eggs, Carrots, Green Peppers and Spinach. I think the prices were fair; for the vegetables I paid $15.50 in total, and for the eggs $10. This is within range of the large grocery store prices, so by choosing to buy from local producers you can feel good knowing the money you spend goes directly back into the community. You're directly helping a local family pay their mortgage, heat bills through the winter and maintain their gardens throughout the year. That's definitely an adjustment I'm willing to make!

After buying local produce I went over to the hot meals section. This Market has been a great starting point for several new restaurants in the area. Since many customers come here weekly, people looking to get into the food industry full time can test out the public's opinions of their potential menu items, build a regular customer base, and obviously raise the funds necessary to get their dreams off the ground.

The 16-year-old in me was shocked to see what was available there. I've always had a deep appreciation for other cultures, but my teen years were spent listening to KPop and dreaming about teaching in South Korea. I hoped that even if I didn't get to go abroad, one day I'd be able to try Korean food. Well, I was finally able to try Bibimbap, and it was as amazing as I hoped it would be! I had a little picnic on the boardwalk not far from the market, and felt nostalgic as I remembered that period in my life when I was trying to plan out my life and get through school. This dish was $15, which at this point I would've paid a fortune to try it just once! I think I'll have to try to recreate this using my own grown vegetables in the future.

When I got home, I helped my husband work on our multipurpose shed - we aren't exactly sure if it's going to be a goose coop or an extra storage place for our winter items. I'm becoming more comfortable around power tools, but I've been reminded that I'm actual trash when it comes to math and measuring. We got most of it finished today, we just need to add the door and paint it before the cold weather and snow comes.

Then it was time for me to plan out what to make with what I bought today. I decided on a vegetarian dinner as we try not to overdo our meat consumption. I made a spinach/potato/carrot/egg stirfry, and green peppers stuffed with spicy rice! I'm going to add the recipes in a later blog, but I think it's perfect for this time of year, when you need something a little heavier to get your snow-shoveling muscles ready :)

Overall I think it was a great trip to my local Farmer's Market! There were many vendors to buy locally made (and grown) items from at a fair cost. With it being in the downtown area, it's accessible by public transit making it an easy option for people to get fresh grocery items, hot lunches or other beautifully crafted items. When you spend money at this market, you're helping support a family to be able to continue to provide high quality items and make a living. Go check out your local market and let me know your thoughts!

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