Gardening Goals for 2021

As you know, this year I've taken an interest in making my own garden, in hopes of cutting down trips to my grocery store. With 2021 fast approaching, I'd like to highlight my gardening goals for 2021! Continue and Expand my current stock: Right now my vegetable shelf consists of mint, cilantro, lettuce, garlic, peppers, artichokes, Lebanese zucchini, Common Fig, green onions, prickly pears, potatoes, tomatoes and swiss chard. As seen in my Month 2 Greenhouse Shelf update, they're slowly making their way up through the soil! I think it's a great mix of vegetables that my family eats often, so they're in line with my "gardening with a purpose" philosophy. Depending on their progress, I'd like to add string beans and cucumbers.

My flowers consist of poppies, Sweet Olive, Snake's Head, Sapphire Tower and Japanese Wisteria. I'm not sure yet if I want to add more. I feel like this is a good starting point as a beginner; I definitely don't want to take too much on since this coming growing season will be my first.

Dedicated Outdoor Space Once the spring comes I'm definitely going to move them outside. There's a space between my husband's calisthenics bars and our new tool shed that I'd like to claim as my own. It's a nice and sunny spot, but I'll be competing with the kids' trampoline for this prime space!

Break Tradition

I want to research different ways to grow a garden. I'd like to set up some raised beds, and try out planting in repurposed kiddie pools. My husband also suggested I try making a vertical garden out of hanging pop bottles. I've watched a few video tutorials and it seems pretty easy and doable for the space we have. I'm sure there are many other ideas that I have yet to come across - 2021 is a great year to become innovative!

Get My Kids Involved

I will set aside some trays and seeds for my kids to plant their own little garden. They can prepare the soil and make a daily routine in watering, weeding and checking progress. It could be a good bonding experience for them, and give them a feeling of achievement of their own little project.

Combine Craft and Gardening

I want to try my hand at pressing or preserving flowers to encase them in resin, or maybe grow some herbal tea plants. If I get the hang of it, I might consider selling them.

What are you planning for your garden in 2021?

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