10 Ways to Teach Kids About Recycling

1. Lead by example - let them see you sorting your paper, compost, recyclable items and non-recyclable waste into different buckets.

2. Decorate used containers - You can make noisemakers, instruments, lanterns or even make a golf hole out of them.

3. Use sticker charts - Give them a reward for every time they dispose of something properly.

4. Put bottle refunds into their piggy banks - This can help you start a conversation on decluttering as well: "You know the bag of bottles we had in the porch? We can exchange them for money for treats!"

5. Choose child-oriented documentaries - this can allow them to see how it's helpful for the environment and how animals can be protected from illness. NatGeo Kids is on frequently in our house!

6. Teach respect for the earth - if we don't take care of our land, we won't be able to enjoy fresh air, plants, safe food.

7. participate in roadside cleanups - You can make a fun day out of it - compete for whoever can find the most bottle caps or empty coffee cups, then later go to their favourite playground or ice cream shop. (This is great if you're aiming for an early bed time as well!)

8. use visual aids - when it comes to in-home recycling, having little posters can help kids learn what goes where.

9. point out items that are made from recycled material - so they can see it's not just about putting items into specific containers arbitrarily.

10. keep dialogue engaging yet informative - don't bore them with a lecture. Involve them- guide the conversation in such a way that allows them to form their own opinions and solutions.

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