Buying Local for the Holidays

Readers, this is your official challenge from me.

The end of the Gregorian calendar year coincides with many holidays that centre around family quality time. Beginning in November, stores start to fill up as people think ahead to the gifts they will give, decorations they'll set up and food they'll prepare. I am issuing a challenge to stay away from large chains, and help a local business at the end of the year by purchasing at least half of your total holiday products locally. Today I'd like to give several gift suggestions to help those who are stuck.

Gift Certificates: These are perfect because it puts money into the business, but gives the receiver the ability to choose whatever they like. This is great for that friend you haven't quite gotten to know the preferences of, or for coworkers in secret gift swaps.

Donations: For that person who has everything and "needs nothing", a donation to your local hospital, homeless or domestic violence protection shelter, rehabilitation centre, animal protection society or place of worship on behalf of this person can be a great way to show your love for them.

Gift Baskets: This is something you can assemble yourself! Simply choose 4-5 items depending on the size of your basket, add tissue paper and decorations as fillers, and wrap it up with care. Possible themes could be self care, preserved jam & cheese charcuteries, essential oils & diffusers, or new homeowner essentials.

Clothing: Vintage and Cottagecore are emerging style aesthetics. Homemade or new-to-you clothing items can be paired with locally crafted jewelry to make a gorgeous outfit reminiscent of running through sunflower fields or sitting by a window with a cup of herbal tea.

Do you accept this challenge? Make your pledge below; let us know what products you have in mind.

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