Low Space Gardening

Have you been dreaming about starting your own garden, but you're concerned about a lack of space? Maybe you're in a rental unit and can't make drastic changes to the property? With a bit of innovation, you can overcome these traditional barriers and fill your home with plants. I'd like to offer some ideas to get you started!

Maximize your indoor space

- Window sills are a great place for little flower pots, providing young children or animals leave them alone. You can match your pots and plants to your room decor to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

- F0r an indoor vertical garden, add floating shelves to a sun-facing wall, then fill them with flower pots and add your seeds. For some extra beauty, start some vine plants at the very top and let them creep over the shelves down to the floor.

- Install a horizontal pole near the ceiling to hang pots from. (This will certainly work outside as well)

- Shelves with LED lights are perfect if your sunny spots are occupied. I personally have mine in my basement where there is no natural light, simply because I have children who rule over the main living space!

Temporary outdoor ideas:

- Fill kiddie pools (sized according to the available space you have) with soil, then add your seeds and watch them take off. If your city has a heavy-garbage pickup day, (or if heavy garbage is allowed every week), take a drive around and you might find some in good condition as summer comes to a close.

- Put soil in reusable department store bags, coffee containers or even large reusable lunch containers if you have extra lying around that could use some repurposing. Here at Fati-Nouri Lifestyle we're all about repurposing what we have before buying new items.

- If you have a deck or balcony, line flower pots in sunny spots on the floor.

- Create a "stadium seating" format - you can make planter boxes as wide or narrow as you like, but what's important is making sure each level gets enough sun.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your low space gardening journey. I know I will definitely be trying out the "kiddie pool" approach next spring; because even though I own my home, my family likes to change the backyard around frequently. Having something I can move with ease makes redecorating hassle-free.

What ideas would you add to this list?

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