Rare Seed Greenhouse

Recently my order from rarexoticseeds came in! I actually forgot what I ordered, so it was almost as if I bought a surprise gift for myself.

My full list is as follows:

Organic Artichoke

Common Fig

Sweet Olive Snake's Head Sapphire Tower Japanese Wisteria

My first stop of the day was to Canadian Tire to pick up flower pots and potting soil. I think the plan with these large plants will be to start them off on my shelves. If they get too big between now and the summer, I'll just lay them out in separate pots on the floor under the lights and move the shelves elsewhere (or just start a new cycle of plants!!). I'm really kicking myself for not starting this new hobby earlier in the year when supplies were more readily available, and also when the weather was a lot warmer. I'm basically at the mercy of my LED lights and unheated basement to keep these plants alive through the winter, so if you're reading this, please make smarter choices than me - impulse gardening is a real and dangerous thing !

Honestly, I don't know a lot about what I bought, so this whole scenario is more of an experiment of "how can I make these grow" and "how long can I keep these plants alive". As a complete beginner I am interested in building skills first, so that in the future I can make something amazing.

I chose some of these plants because I wanted to get something out of them. My family loves artichokes and figs, but they're rarely in our grocery store, and when they are, the price is so high and they're never completely ripe or fully grown. That's one of the disadvantages of living in a cold climate and relying on imports instead of growing within the country. It's disappointing, really, because the food preferences of locals is shaped by what's readily available and convenient to them.

It appears I can use my sweet olive plant in teas and other sweets, so that'll be a new adventure to try out once they are grown. As for the flowers, I'm hoping to create a little sitting area in my backyard where I could use the Wisteria as a backdrop, then scatter the checkered lily and sapphire tower plants around it. It appears the wisteria can get quite tall (which I might have underestimated!) so I think it'll be really important to maintain it at a reasonable level. I've found a few "flower corner" ideas on Pinterest, but I know I'll change my mind a few times between now and then. I've also considered preserving them in resin and selling them on Etsy; why not let others share in the joy of these beautiful plants? It's a personal piece of rare and international beauty. I think as they start to grow I'll develop a vision for my garden - there's no reason why it can't be both a hobby and a mini business.

Setting it all up on my mini indoor greenhouse was quick and easy. I think I'll have to add another light to the shelf just to make sure everything gets enough coverage; maybe this time I'll go with a heat lamp to make up for the slight difference in temperature in the basement, but I've also seen that humidifiers can do the trick as well. Maintenance of them has been pretty easy so far, I'm mostly being careful not to drown them because I'm just so excited to have something to do!

What does/did your first garden or plant adventure look like? Did you overcome any challenges? I'm interested to hear from you.

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