What's in My Car?

Outside of my home, my car is probably where I spend the most time. So, what do I keep in it to help make errands, car care, and child chauffeuring more efficient in general? Here's what you can find.

- Phone charger and outlet adapter - To make sure I'm always available to be reached by doctors, my daughter's school, my work or family.

- Notebook and pens- Despite being attached to my cellphone nearly 24/7, I still like writing things down, especially when it comes to sudden reminders.

- Hand sanitizer and spare masks- Because, Corona.

- Diapers, wipes, clean clothes- I think of them as my "emergency" stash.

- Water (for cleaning - stains, spills, etc) - This is great to have on hand if you have children, or if you're just clumsy.. Which both apply to me.

- Tire pump- There's nothing worse than finding out your tire is flat. Investing in a good pump is worth it when it's the middle of the work day and you're out running errands (speaking from experience)

- Emergency first aid kit - At this point, I think it should be a law in my country to have one, and it should be part of the inspection criteria every 2 years.

- Snow/Ice brush - This is a basic essential in Canada. Our weather is unpredictable! - Shovel, in the winter- When I worked nightshift at my office, sometimes the snowplow would pass by before workers (myself included) had the chance to move our cars into the empty parking lot (once the dayshift workers left for the day). The shovel helped me to clear out the larger banks that my tires couldn't push through.

- Mini squeegee - This is good for when there is light condensation on the windows. Stop using your jacket sleeves ;)

- Reusable grocery bags- I'm trying to get better at remembering to put them back in after taking the groceries in.

- Insurance card and emergency numbers- An essential to road safety.

- Toys/Games - To keep the kids entertained and not fighting with each other, obviously!

What unusual or innovative items do you keep in your car?

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