Loving your Work From Home Space

Many businesses are now turning to "working remotely" as a new way to keep things moving and employees safe in the era of COVID19. Employees have had to clear out an entire room (or at least, a private corner of a spare room) of their homes in order to set up work stations.

One of the benefits of this is the possibility of personalisation - gone are the days of dreary brown cubicles and cold grey walls. I would like to offer some suggestions on how to make your new workplace, your happy place!

1. Work in Front of a Window: Set up your desk in a way that you can look out a window. You'll get some sunlight, and you won't feel so confined in your space if you have a rigid work schedule - you can easily look outside to see what's going on around you. When I found out I'd be working from home, this became my priority. I rearranged my office room completely in order to do so!

2. Create a Backdrop: If you use video chat to communicate with coworkers or clients, put up some adhesive contact paper on the wall behind you or add little decorations (providing they're not too distracting). You can still do this even if you don't need to use video chat; for example, if you have just a corner of a room to work in, it could act as a divider between your professional life and your home life.

3. Redecorate your Space: If you have a dedicated room for a home office and have the financial ability, you can change the room colour and furnishings. Search on Pinterest for colour schemes that suit your tastes, look for desks/tables and chairs that fit into those schemes, and piece it all together for a perfect redecoration. You can also add ornaments to your desk.

4. Make it Smell Nice: Light incense or set up an oil diffuser with your favourite scents.

5. Beautiful Stationery: Using something more exciting than "office white" paper and standard black pens for your personal notes can serve as a motivator to take pride in your work. If you are a researcher or a reporter, you can also colour code your drafts to keep everything organised.

And an honorable mention, but easily one of the most important reminders: Keep Coffee Close!

What does your workspace look like? Do you have any additional tips, or can you expand on what I have suggested?

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